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Beaumont Elementary School


The Biopolis After-School Curriculum is designed for weekly 1.5 hour sessions at under-resourced elementary schools with students grades 4th - 6th. The course offers a lab-based introduction to fundamental biological concepts and procedures. Weekly sessions typically include a hands-on experiment as well as a brief lecture about concepts covered by the lab. 

Week 1

  • Growing Bacteria

    • Experimental design

    • Intro to microbiology

Week 2

  • Drops on a Penny 

    • Demonstration of Cohesive Properties of Water

Week 3

  • Crafting DNA's Double Helix 

    • ​Structure, function, and location of DNA

Week 4

  • DNA Extraction in a Bottle

    • Cells and biochemistry


Week 5​. 

  • Introduction to Genetic Engineering

    • Bacterial Transformation​

    • Ethics of Genetic Manipulation

Week 6. 

  • pGLO— Bacterial Transformation

    • Transformation of e. Coli cells to glow under UV light




Week 7.

  • Forensics Lab Pt. 1

    • Investigation of mock crime scene

    • Discussion of sources of DNA evidence and use in forensic investigations

Week 8.

  • Forensics Lab Pt. 2

    • Use of Gel Electrophoresis to identify the guilty suspect

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