Expanded Learning Training - June 16


On June 16th, we presented about our experience teaching STEM enrichment to San Diego Expanded Learning Staff. We also shared a folder of resources for teachers to utilize during Covid-19 remote learning transitions, which included lesson plans, materials lists, instructional videos, and more. The presentation was conducted through the Children's Initiative Expanded Learning Training Program. 


YWIB Online - DNA on display Webinar - July 1

On July 1, we participated in Young Women in Bio Southern California's webinar: Genomes, Germs, and Jewelry. We spoke to over 60 aspiring young female scientists all over Southern California about our work with Biopolis, internships, and general involvement with STEM in high school. We also taught/led a simple DNA extraction lab. The materials were sent to the students ahead of time and they were able to extract their own DNA and wear it in a vial necklace!