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Virtual Science enrichment classes 2020

Biopolis is a group of high school students passionate about sharing their love for science with underserved children. We have engaged over 200 students in San Diego with exciting science experiments through various programs, classes, and presentations. Please explore the rest of our website to learn more about the What and Why of Biopolis! 

This summer, we will be holding virtual science enrichment classes to raise funding for our activities during the school year! All of your donations will directly go to serving students in need of quality STEM education and targeting inequality in all fields of science. 

Registration is now closed. Thank you to everyone who enrolled and we hope to see you next year!

Some Students From Our Zoom Classes. We Love You Guys! 



























The Details

  • Recommended for rising 5th, 6th, and 7th Graders (if your child does not belong to one of those grades but you think they might still benefit from the curriculum, feel free to register!)

  • Every Wednesday and Friday 10AM - 11:30AM starting from July 15th and ending on August 7th

    • Chemistry Series: 7/15 - 7/22​

    • Biology Series: 7/24 - 7/31

    • Physics Series: 8/5 - 8/7

  • Each session consists of:

    • Worksheet/lesson notes and materials for the experiment delivered to your home ahead of time​

    • Meetings over Zoom:

      • Science lesson presented using Powerpoint presentation

      • Demonstration and  walkthrough of the lab procedure

      • Guided analysis of data and conclusions

  • The classes will run for 4 weeks with 8 sessions in total.

  • Curriculum Breakdown:

    • Chemistry Series (July 15th, July 17th, July 22nd)​

      1. ​Building an Atom and Learning the Chemistry behind Slime

      2. Measuring pH with Litmus Paper Experiment

      3. Acid and Base Reaction: Constructing an Exploding Volcano!

    • Biology Series (July 24th, July 29th, July 31st)

      1. An Exploration of Cells: Growing Bacteria and Examining Cheek Cells

      2. Cellular Respiration: Screening for Catalase in Bacteria and Visualizing Respiration in Yeast

      3. Introducing DNA: Extracting DNA from Cheek Cells and Constructing the Double Helix.

    • ​Physics Series (August 5th and August 7th)

      1. Rube Goldberg Machine and Experimenting with Balls: Kinematics and Energy

      2. Making your own Compass and Electromagnet! A Lesson on Magnetism

  • ​Register by series:

    • Full Enrollment (Recommended, as curriculum is often cumulative): $180

      • You receive 10% off if you choose to enroll in all three sessions!​

    • Chemistry Series: $75​

    • Biology Series: $75

    • Physics Series: $50


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